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DANCE MANIA is a Dance studio established with an aim to SPREAD HAPPINESS THROUGH DANCE. we believe in bringing out the creative potential of people through dance.which is a divine harmony of mind.body and soul. dance is basically an expression of joy and we provide a platform to the people for this expression and bring out their hidden creative powers which would enrich all their spheres of life.

       It is the mission of Dance Mania dance and fitness studios to provide an enriching dance experience to the broadest number of people through performance and classes, in a gentle and safe environment that inspires excellence.


Founded and owned by dancer/choreographer Naga Shetty, Dance Mania’s philosophy represents a positive and exciting learning environment where dancers can have fun, be creative and experience the incredible art of dance. Dance Mania Dance and Fitness Studio encourages dancers to take the disciplines of dance into their everyday lives, helping to build self-confidence, good self-esteem and a passion for living. It is our intent that you or your child has a wonderful experience in our class as well as the opportunity to find joy in dance.

The exciting opportunities dancers will experience at DANCE MANIA are endless. Continuing to grow with the industry, Dance Mania dance and fitness Studio will ensure that each of its dancers dive into and enjoy the exciting world of dance.

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