Naga Shetty:

naga shettyNaga Shetty is a versatile dancer with mastery in various dance styles-Hip Hop, Salsa, Bollywood, Contemporary  and Freestyle. He is also a licensed Zumba Fitness and zumba sentao instructor.

He is known for his lucid style of teaching.He spell bounds the students with his grace, energy and enthusiasm.  He has the uncanny ability to connect with the students  and make them come out of their shell.

Manka Nangru:

Manka NangruDance has always been her passion. She is a trained classical dancer (Bharatanatyam) and licensed Zumba and zumba sentao Instructor. She feels that dance inspires love of music and movement and also gives her a way to express herself. She is “Young and Talented” faculty of the company. She idolizes Madhuri Dixit and believes in versatile dancing.

Seema Rajpal:

Seema RajpalDance has been my refuge, my gateway, Wherever I have had too much of the world, it’s people or sometimes even myself I escape it all by dancing. Even though I left it in between to pursue other goals it kept coming back to me, one way or the other and am starting to think we are made for each other! Starting out as a bedroom dancer then moving on to learn Bharatanatyam, dance has always been there.

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