salsaSalsa means sauce in Spanish and in this case the sauce can be hot and spicy!

As with many dances, the creation of the dance followed the creation of the music. New Yorkers of Cuban and Puerto Rican ancestry are credited as the pioneers of Salsa music – a music that grew out of Mambo and Cuban Son roots.

At the time of the advent of Salsa music in New York during the 1960s, Mambo dancing was already very popular and it is not surprising that as the dance developed, one of the basic steps in Salsa dancing is the Mambo basic.

Salsa soon became popular in Puerto Rica, Cuba and Columbia. In each of these countries, music allied to Salsa was already in vogue. They also had connections with the Puerto Rican, Cuban and Columbian communities in New York. Soon, each of these countries developed its own brand of Salsa music and dancing.

Simultaneously, the popularity of Salsa music and dance spread across North America and the West coast of North America developed its own brand of Salsa dancing.

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