MJ Style

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MJ Style

MJMichael Jackson’s dance style has been prominently influenced by the greatest dancers and entertainers of the 20th century, such as Jackie Wilson, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Bob Fosse, and Sammy Davis, Jr. He was also an admirer of legendary artists from the music hall tradition, such as Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin.

But, the greatest inspiration for Michael Jackson since his early childhood was Mr. James Brown aka “The Godfather of Soul”. Michael often referred to him as a “genius” or “the master” and stated in numerous appearances that nobody has influenced him more that James Brown

 Michael Jackson has always shown an avid enthusiasm for the “Funk Styles” dancers from the 70’s TV show called “Soul Train”. He especially liked the performances of Jeffrey Daniel (Shalamar), the Electric Boogaloos and the Original Lockers. He learnt and developed from them some of his most iconic dance moves including the “Moonwalk” (which should be referred as the “Backslide”, the “Moonwalk” is actually another dance move).

 Several people pretend to teach MJ’s Dance style and some of them cannot even perform the “Moonwalk” (properly known as the “Backslide” as well as several of his dance moves…They cannot even reproduce the original dance routines from MJ’s Short Films and they impersonate MJ’s dance style instead of dancing properly…

Unlike these people, I have been specifically trained to learn the foundations of MJ’s dance style and you will learn the exact dance moves from his Short Films and Live Performances. On top of that, I will show you how to create your own MJ moves based on his style. After that, I am sure you will be able to quickly impress and dazzle the members of your family, your friends as well as the crowds in the clubs…

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