Wedding Dance


Wedding Dance

weddindWhen they announce at your wedding….. “The bride and groom will begin  their lives together with their first dance,” what will you do?

If you take advantage of  Dance mania studio  you will step out to the middle of the dance floor looking confident and graceful, and every penny you spent on that expensive video package would be worth it. Do not leave this important part of your wedding to chance, and use this first dance as a wonderful way to begin your new life.

We will work with you on any dance you choose: Bollywood, Tollywood, Freestyle, or whatever is right for your special day.

If you have a special song, we will work with you on a  simple, yet elegant routine or choreograph the whole dance for you.

It is never too late to set up your first appointment for the perfect wedding dance, but we encourage 1 – 2  months before the Wedding Day.  Dance Mania studio is the place to help you put your style and grace in the spotlight. Become a star on your wedding, as you glide across the floor in the most important dance of your life. It will be yours forever, and you will have the gift of dance to share for the rest of your lives!

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