Zumba Fitness

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Zumba Fitness


The primary element that make ZUMBA unique and sucessful are :

  • It’s a blast!- The ZUMBA program  is “exercise in disguise”. The participant’s dont feel they’re exercising, making them want to do it everyday.
  • It’s different!– The music, the steps, the moves, the class, the energy… nothing compares to a ZUMBA Fitness-Party!
  • It’s easy!- The ZUMBA program is designed for everyone. People of any fitness level, any background or any age group can start it right away since the program’s basic steps formula makes it easy for everyone.
  • It’s effective- The ZUMBA program is a cardio-based workout with components of resistance / sculpting training to tone the entire body and achieve any desired fitness goals.

Benefits of the ZUMBA® program :

  • Great dynamic core workout.
  • High caloric expenditure.
  • Easy, non-intimidating learning environment.
  • Weight loss.
  • Positive self-image.
  • A sculpted body.
  • Exercise in disguise.
  • Meet new participants, expand your connection.
  • Its all a PARTY!!!

What happens in a typical Zumba class?

  • Why, you move fast and have fun, of course. Each class lasts about 60 minutes with alternating fast and slow routines. As a result, you’ll burn calories – up to 800 in 1 class – as you tone and sculpt your body.
  • Zumba’s been described as “exercise in disguise” as the classes are so much fun you forget you’re working out. That’s why if you need a reminder that working out should be fun, give Zumba a go. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m not a dancer. Is Zumba for me?

Most definitely. You don’t need to know any dance moves to take part. In fact, as long as you’re moving and enjoying yourself there’s no wrong way to Zumba.

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