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Why Dance mania ?

Dance mania is your one stop destination. known for its state of the art facilities and its’s faculty of teachers that is renowned and experienced, dance mania will give you the push you need to take you in the right direction. The diversity in dance taught and the ambiance to complement the set up, gives you an experience of learning and enjoyment all together.

What kind of classes do you teach?

We teach Western Dance style like Bollywood, Freestyle, Hip hop, Contemporary, jazz, Basic Ballet, Mj style,  B-boying etc.

If I am dancing first time, what would be the best class for me?

To start with, any form of dance can be taken up on the beginner level. Whichever beginner batch you choose to join, you will be taught the basics of that particular from, irrespective of your previous experience in dance.

If  you are still unsure, hip hop could be one option for you, because it is one form that will get your body used to a basic sense of rhythm while ensuring you  have fun in the process.

Jazz is another option, because understanding the basic of jazz will help you get into the more complex dance forms like ballet, and contemporary, if you wish to learn them later.

 What is the montlhly package for classes and how many classes will I get in a month ?

You get an one hour class twice and thrice a week, that sums up to 8 and 12 classes classes  a month.

Can we change our dance forms for another before completition of an 8 and 12 classes package?

No. the classes are not transferable among different batches. Only after you are done with one batch of a particular form, can you switch over to another.

Can I see the studio before I join your classes?

Yes, you can by all means visit our studio by making a prior appointment so we can ensure to give you private attention to be able to answer any queries you might have.

What is the minimum an d maximum age group to join classes?

A child has to be at least 4 years old to be able to join our classes. we have no upper age limit to dancing with us.

Who is going to be my instructor?

Different instructors teach classes of different dance styles. If you would like to learn from a particular teacher, do contact us via telephone or e-mail so  we can  give  you more details.

Do I get a Disount if I get more people to join ?

We already have fee structure tht comes with a discount and so  we don’t offer any extra discount on classes.

Can we get a free trial for more than one class ?

No. you get only one trial class.

Do I need to be  of  a certain weight  or height  to be able to join your classes ?

Weight and height issue by no mean can be a barrier to dance.however, if you are looking at losing weight  or toning up, you will be happy to know that most exercise in our classes help strengthen and tone your muscles.

 Do we need a partner for a salsa classes ?

You do not require t o bring a partner of  your own. Many people join the class individually and you will be given the chance to dance  with different partners in the class.

Do you give performance opportunities to students if they have been training with you for some time?

Yes, we do have a students showcase their talent on stage shows,

If I miss a class, will I get compensated for the same?

Unfortunately, the classes you miss don’t  get carried forward nor do we provide refunds.

In how much time can I become a dancer?

Every dancer is different and it entirely depends upon your own potential and dedication to dance.

What is the procedure to join the Dance Mania?

Joining the dance mania requires a minimum time span of continous training at our studio which includes at least 2 years of our professional dance study program. if you are very interested in joining our company, please do get in touch  with your instructor so they can help better equip you  to do so.

Can I join as an instructor?

Certainly, please send us your profile and we will review it.  If it matches our company standards, we will get back to you at the earliest

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